Curriculum Vitae

Name: Stephen Thomas Knight

Born: Bournemouth, U.K.

Citizenship: British

Marital Status: Married to Margaret Quinn Sams; two children, Elizabeth Bronwen, David Stephen 

Home city: Melbourne, Australia

Email: stephen.knight at        

Educated:        Bournemouth Grammar School, 1951-59
                       Jesus College, Oxford, B.A., 1962, M.A. 1966
                       University of Sydney, Ph.D., 1967

Honours:      Cyfaill y Celtiaid, Sydney, 1985
                       Ned Kelly Lifetime Achievement Award, 2002
                       International Mythopoeic Society Award for Non-Fiction, 2005
       James Randall Leader Prize for best Arthurian essay in a US publication, 2011
                       Fellow of the Australian Academy of the Humanities, 1990-
                       Fellow of the English Association, 1999-
Employment: University of Sydney: Teaching Fellow, 1963 
                                    Lecturer, 1964-7
                                    Senior Lecturer, 1970-74
                                    Associate Professor, 1975-86                   
                        Australian National University: Lecturer, 1968-9
                        University of Melbourne: Robert Wallace Professor of English, 1987-92, Head of Department, 1989-92
                        De Montfort University, Leicester: Professor in English and Head of Department of English, Media and Cultural Studies, 1992-94
                        University of Wales, Cardiff: Professor of English 1994-2005; Head of English Literature, 1994-2002; Head of School of English, Communication and Philosophy 1995-7. Distinguished Research Professor in English Literature, 2005-11
                        University of Melbourne, Honorary Research Professor in English Literature 2011-13; Vice-Chancellor’s Research Fellow, 2013-15
Societies:         New Chaucer Society ;
International Arthurian Society;
                        International Association for Robin Hood Studies.
                        Association for the Study of Welsh Literature in English


I have lectured and tutored at all levels from very large first year lectures (up to four hundred students) to small specialist classes for senior year and postgraduate students. Subjects covered include medieval literature and language; language studies; Arthurian legend; Robin Hood tradition; critical theory; fiction from the eighteenth century to the present, with specialist courses on crime fiction, industrial fiction, Welsh fiction in English and Australian literature.

Postgraduate supervision and assessment has been a major feature, including the co-ordination of the research programmes at Melbourne and De Montfort and being Director of Research in English Literature at Cardiff. I have supervised 35 successful PhDs and examined over 70 (50 of them externally). I have substantial experience in both organising and contributing to postgraduate training courses at Masters and Doctorate level. I have also acted for many years as research mentor and appraiser to colleagues at all levels, and have regularly managed and advised on promotion procedures on behalf of colleagues.

My undergraduate courses have frequently been cross-disciplinary, and at times taught jointly with staff from other departments, particularly History and Media Studies. Developing courses at undergraduate and postgraduate level has been a regular activity, with on average a new course established each year through my career. I have been external Examiner at Flinders University (BA) 1976-7, Swansea (MA) 1993-5, Southampton (MA) 1994-8, Lancaster (BA) 1995-8, Edinburgh (BA) 1997-2000, Royal Holloway London (MA) 1997-2000, Queen Mary and Westfield London (BA), 1999-2003, York (MA) 2000-3. I have had extensive involvement with Continuing Education/Lifelong Learning courses.

I have been invited as Visiting Professor at Kent (1994), Santiago (1997), Tuebingen (1998), Nantes (2001), Swansea (2002-5), Rossell Hope Robbins visiting lecturer, Rochester University, New York, 1995; Joseph Schick visiting lecturer, Terre Haute, Indiana, 2005, Lansdowne Lecturer Victoria University, BC, 2012. I have been invited plenary speaker at Boulder (1996), Cheltenham (1996), Oxford (1997), Sydney (1997), Rochester (1997), Reading (1998), Germersheim (1998), London (1999), Kalamazoo (1999), York (2000), Cambridge (2001), London (2002), Canberra (2004), Frankfurt (2004), Exeter (2005), Delaware (2005), Warwick (2006), Limerick (2007), Perth (2007), Newcastle (2008), Cardiff (2009), Perth (2011), Toronto (2012).

This CV does not list unpublished conference and seminar papers given: these average about three or four annually; in the last decade papers have been given by invitation at Glasgow, Edinburgh, Stirling, Newcastle, York, Warwick, Birmingham,  London, Bristol, Bath, Swansea, Lampeter, Galway, Trefforest, Gregynog, Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Houston, Columbus (Ohio), Kalamazoo, Newark (Del.), Rochester (NY), Vancouver, Winnipeg, Bologna, Malta, Naples, Uppsala, Regensburg, Rostock.


In the pedagogical context, establishing, supervising and assessing a wide range of courses; in the administrative context, departmental committees of all kinds, especially Research, Curriculum and Staff-Student Relations; Faculty and School committees including Management, Policy, Library, Equipment, Franchise, Budget and Research; Academic Board and Senate committees including Ph.D., Research, Continuing Education, Quality of Education, Estates, Academic Services.

At Melbourne elected Deputy Dean, 1989-90, with special responsibility for inquiry into Staff-Student ratios and also chaired an inquiry into European language teaching in the Faculty; Acting Dean for period in 1990. Head of Department of English 1988-91; chair of university's Theatre Board and board member of Melbourne Theatre Company; to the end of 1989 board member of Victorian Libraries Cooperation Agency and of Australian Book Review. External Reviewer for Departments of English at Universities of Western Australia and Auckland. Member, Australian Vice-Chancellors' Subject Panel, English, 1991.

At De Montfort, Subject Leader in English and Head of Department, chair of School Research Committee controlling allotted research budget (including for Fine Arts, Music and Performance), chair of working party on absorption of Modern Languages into School, and on working party on Jain Studies; Course Leader for new European M.A. in co-operation with Tillburg Academy, Holland and University of Granada, Spain. External member, School of Design Audit; member of DVC's Working Party on Graduate Studies.

At Cardiff, Head of English Literature Section controlling teaching, research and allotted budgets 1994-2002; Head of School of English, Communications and Philosophy 1995-7, administering School of 1500 FTE and fully devolved budget; experience on School and University Committees, including Library Allocations Working Party, Teaching and Learning Committee, Validation Committee (International), Estates Committee, Academic Services Committee, Senate Standing Committee. Drafted Research submissions for 1996 Research Assessment for English, Philosophy and Media Studies, and for English in 2001 and 2008. Quality Assessment Mentor for European Languages, Biology, Accounting and Education; research mentor for Welsh; external member, quality review of Finance Department; member, Council for Lifelong Learning; member, committee on External Examining; chair, Validation Panel for Journalism MA degrees.

In national terms, Subject Specialist on HEFCE Teaching Quality Assessment, UK 1994-5 and member of National Overview writing panel (drafted Aims and Curricula section). Member, U.K. Graduate Council committee on Taught Masters Degrees, 1995-6, and Schools Curriculum Authority Working Parties on GCSE English and A Level English, 1997-8, 2000 and 2001. Elected to Executive of Council for College and University English, 1998-2000; co-ordinated CCUE response to Research Assessment Exercise proposals for 2001. Member of British national Research Assessment Panel (English), 2001 and 2008; member REF Impact Pilot Panel (English), 2010; external reviewer, English Department, University of Wales, Swansea, 2002; research reviewer, Stirling University 2004; evaluator, national English Subject Centre, 2005; REF assessor and advisor, University of East Anglia, 2010; Northampton University, 2011; Queen Mary, London, 2011; University of Aberystwyth, 2011- ; University of Central England, 2011- ; De Montfort University, 2011- ;  Director, University of Wales Press, 2003-05; on editorial board of New Welsh Review (2004-7), Clues, British Journal of Australian Studies, Sydney Medieval Studies,  continuing.

In international terms, elected trustee of New Chaucer Society, 2000-04; joint Secretary-Treasurer of International Association for Robin Hood Studies, 1998- present; PhD examiner, Uppsala, 2000 and 2001, Valladolid, 2007; co-coordinator and visiting lecturer, COTEPRA project based at University of Bologna, 1998-2001; consigliere scientifico and sub-group co-ordinator for ACUME Project, based at University of Bologna, 2002-6; Honorary Professor, University of Melbourne, 2006-present.


Research Funding

From Australian Research Council:

1980-1 $6000 per annum for two years for .5 research assistant on Chaucer Variorum project.

1987-8  $12000 per annum for two years for research assistance for Robin Hood project.

1989-90 $20000 per annum for two years for research assistance on Australian crime fiction project

1992-4  $65000 per annum for three years for team project `Re-reading Victorian Australia' project of which I was initially Principal Researcher, then on moving to Britain became Research Associate.

In Britain:

1993 De Montfort University provided £100000 per annum for three years for research development in English under my supervision.

1995 British Academy award of £3184 for Early Crime Fiction Project.

2001 Arts and Humanities Research Board  award of £22522 for six months research leave for book One Hundred Years of Fiction for Writing Wales in English Series for University of Wales Press.

2006-07 British Academy award for research on book Merlin: Knowledge and Power, £6800.

2009-10 British Academy award for research on Mysterious Cities project, £7450.


Possibility of seeking funding for project Between the Convicts and the Bush, a Bourdieu-based study of the development of Australian self-consciousness in and through fiction in the early-mid nineteenth century.

Research Publications


The Structure of Sir Thomas Malory's Arthuriad, Sydney University Press, 1969, reprinted 1974

(with B. K. Martin) Aspects of Celtic Literature, Sydney University Press, 1970

Rymyng Craftily: Meaning in Chaucer's Poetry, Angus and Robertson, London and Sydney, 1973; Humanities Press, Atlantic Heights, 1976

The Poetry of the Canterbury Tales, Angus and Robertson, Sydney, 1974

Form and Ideology in Crime Fiction, Macmillan, London; Indiana University Press, Bloomington, 1980

Arthurian Literature and Society, Macmillan, London; St Martin's Press, New York, 1983

Geoffrey Chaucer, Blackwell, Oxford, 1986

Robin Hood : A Complete Study of the English Outlaw, Blackwell, Oxford, 1994, reprinted 1995.

Continent of Mystery : A Thematic History of Australian Crime Fiction, Melbourne University Press, 1997

Robin Hood: A Mythic Biography, Cornell University Press, Ithaca, 2003; paperback edition, 2009

Crime Fiction, 1800-2000: Detection, Death, Diversity, Palgrave, London and New York, 2004 (revised second edition, Crime Fiction 1800 to the Present, 2009)

One Hundred Years of Fiction (first in the Writing Wales in English series), University of Wales Press, Cardiff, 2004

Merlin: Knowledge and Power Through the Ages, Cornell University Press, Ithaca, 2009 [See Amazon page]

The Mysteries of the Cities: Urban Crime in the Nineteenth-Century, McFarland, Jefferson NC, 2012   [See Amazon page]

Other Books

The Selling of the Australian Mind, Heinemann, Melbourne, 1990; reprinted Mandarin, Melbourne 1991

Freedom Was Compulsory: Sins and Signs in Contemporary Australia, Heinemann, Melbourne, 1994

In Planning Stage:

Sherlock Holmes’ Grandmother: National and International  Influences In Nineteenth-Century Crime Fiction

Between Convicts and the Bush Myth:  Development of Settler Culture and Concepts in mid-Nineteenth-Century Australia, research project (funding sought, see above ) and book, 2013-14

The Politics of Myth, research-based book on the varieties and functions of the Arthurian myth across Western culture 800-2000, probably for Cornell

Essay Collections edited:

with Don Anderson, Cunning Exiles : Studies in Modern Prose Writers, Angus and Robertson, Sydney and London, 1974

with Michael Wilding, The Radical Reader, Wild and Woolley, Sydney, 1977

with S.N.Mukherjee, Worlds and Words : Studies in the Social Role of Verbal Culture, Sydney Studies in Society and Culture, 1983

with H.Gustav Klaus, The Art of Murder, Tübingen, Stauffenburg, 1998

with H.Gustav Klaus, British Industrial Fictions, University of Wales Press, Cardiff, 2000

with H. Gustav Klaus, `To Hell with Culture’: Anarchism in Twentieth Century British Literature, University of Wales Press, Cardiff, 2005

Robin Hood : An Anthology of  Scholarship and Criticism, Cambridge, Brewer, 1999

Cultural Memory: Oralcy and Literacy, a CD Rom containing twenty papers and associated hypertext links, for ACUME project based at University of Bologna, 2006

Robin Hood in Greenwood Stood: Alterity and Context in the English Outlaw Myth, Brépols, Turnhout, 2012.

At Press

With Maurizio Ascari, Crime and the Sublime, special issue of La Questione Romantica (Bologna), 2012

Texts edited:

with T. Ohlgren, Robin Hood and Other Outlaw Tales, Western Michigan University Press, Kalamazoo, 1997 (second edition, 2000)

Robert Barr, The Triumphs of Eugene Valmont, Oxford University Press, 1997

Robin Hood : The `Forresters’ Manuscript, Boydell and Brewer, Cambridge, 1998

Robin Hood Classic Fiction Library, 8 vols. Routledge, London, 2005

Anthologies edited:

Dead Witness : Best Australian Mystery Stories, Penguin, Melbourne 1990

Crimes for a Summer Christmas, Allen and Unwin, Sydney, 1990

More Crimes for a Summer Christmas, Allen and Unwin, Sydney, 1991

A Corpse at the Opera House, Allen and Unwin, Sydney, 1992

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In Progress
`Laurie Clancy on Nabokov’, for essay collection ed. John MacLaren


Not listed here are non-research essays, magazine and newspaper features or public lectures -- a substantial number of items in these genres have been produced. Also omitted are reviews and review articles: for ten years I was a regular book reviewer for the Sydney Morning Herald and acted for three years in the same capacity  for the Melbourne Herald, specialising in modern fiction, including crime writing. In Britain and Australia I have also written reviews and features for radio, as well as for a number of other newspapers and magazines. I continue to do this kind of work intermittently, notably for the Melbourne Age and Arena. I have always written academic reviews, on average two or three a year, rather more in recent years.

I am regularly invited to appear as a media commentator on cultural and social matters. I have acted as consultant and on-camera interviewee in television documentaries for SATEL,  HTV (Wales),  Tiger Aspect and the BBC. I have regularly and recently been interviewed on radio programmes on areas of my expertise in Britain, USA, Ireland, Canada, France and Australia. I recurrently respond to press inquiries on matters of my expertise.

I have acted as consultant for a large number of academic and fiction publishers in Britain and Australia, as a reader for a wide range of academic journals, and have worked as consultant editor on several guides to English usage. I am on the editorial board for Clues: A Journal of Crime Fiction, The Journal of British Australian Studies and Medieval Studies in Australia. On several occasions I have been involved in judging literary prizes; I was chair of the fiction panel for the Premier's prize in Victoria, 1988, and for the Welsh Arts Council Book of the Year in 1997, was invited to fill that role in 2011  but declined, and was chair of the Periodicals Panel, Arts Council Wales 1998-2000. I was founding Secretary and Treasurer of Penarth Arts and Crafts Limited, management body of the Washington Gallery, Penarth, dedicated to showing and selling new art, running a publicly-funded art education and cultural programme, and organising the restoration of the Penarth Pier Pavilion, which was awarded £1.7 million by the U.K. Heritage Lottery Fund in June 2011 and £2.1 million from other sources. I am now involved in organisation and delivery of programmes for the Melbourne Free University.